HKG(VHHH)-HongKong Planespotting Guide

On this page, we provide some information for plane spotting in HongKong (HKG/VHHH). All the information is for private use only and all data is without guarantee, expect changes (e.g. construction areas, legal restriction changes, etc.). We try our best to update this information as soon as possible but we hope you will understand that we can not guarantee the correctness of the information provided on this page.

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Airport Information
two parallel runways 07R/25L and 07L/25R

Runway Usage
one runway is used for departures, the other one for arrivals – depending on the wind direction

The HongKong airport has two major passenger terminals

Spotting Information




Spot 1 - detailed information


TIME for the north runway in the morning, for the south runway in the evening.

MISCELLANEOUS for pictures about arriving and departing aircraft, depending on which runway is in use. Aircraft can be far away, heat distortion can be also a problem.

FOCUS LENGTH 300-500mm

PARKING parking space is available at the official airport car park (fees may apply)

LADDER not required